What should I do if the grinding mill suddenly crashes when it is working?

The grinding mill is the most advanced crushing equipment at present, and it is very popular among users. During the use of the pulverizer, due to the influence of environmental factors, there will be some problems.

And that will affect the production capacity of the grinding mill to a certain extent. Here is an analysis of the sudden crash of the mill for everyone.

1 The reasons for the sudden crash of the crusher are nothing more than these: material factors, human factors, and the equipment itself.

The material factor refers to the hardness and particle size of the abrasive. If the abrasive hardness is too hard and the particle size is too large, it will increase the grinding difficulty of the mill and cause serious wear to the mill.

Due to the high hardness of the abrasive, it is not easy to grind, thereby prolonging the residence time of the material in the mill. When the material in the grinding cavity accumulates too much, the sudden crash of the mill is inevitable.

grindign mill
grindign mill

2 When the feeding speed of the mill is too fast and the feeding amount is too much, it is easy to cause the materials in the grinding chamber can not be ground in time and accumulate too much.

Therefore, when there are too many materials in the bin, it will cause the mill to crash suddenly and affect the smooth progress of the milling operation.

3 During the grinding process of the grinding mill, if the air volume of the fan is too small, the ground qualified materials are not easy to be sent out in time.

If it lasts for a long time, the finer powder can easily block the air duct and cause the grinding mill to be crashed.

Under normal circumstances, in order to prevent the mill from crashing suddenly, we must do a good job in the maintenance of the mill. Check the equipment regularly, and discover the potential hazards of the equipment as soon as possible.

To avoid crashes when the machine fails. The grinding operation can be performed again after the failure is eliminated.