What equipment is needed for gypsum grinding?

Gypsum is a hydrate of calcium sulfate (CaSO4), which is a widely used industrial and building material. Gypsum grinding powder can be used in the construction industry. Gypsum powder is an environment-friendly mineral powder obtained by the grinding machine through grinding gypsum. What equipment is needed for gypsum grinding?

The commonly used equipment for gypsum grinding mainly includes the following

Jaw crusher

The jaw crusher is mainly used for the coarse and medium crushing of various ore materials. It can break large pieces of gypsum into small pieces of gypsum that can enter the mill. The jaw crusher has the characteristics of stable operation, high yield, uniform grain size of finished products, and economic operating costs.

Raymond mill

Raymond mill is a relatively advanced grinding equipment, which is applicable to the processing of various nonflammable and explosive ore materials with Mohs hardness not greater than 9.3 and humidity less than 6%. It can grind more than 200 kinds of ore materials. High pass rate, fine mesh, and the finished product is in the range of 80-400 mesh. The fineness of gypsum powder for construction is about 300 meshes.

Other auxiliary equipment:

bucket elevator, powder concentrator, etc

The gypsum grinding process is mainly divided into four stages

Phase I: crushing

Large gypsum materials need to be crushed by jaw crusher to the feed fineness that can enter the mill.

Second stage: grinding

The crushed small gypsum materials are sent to the gypsum granule silo by the bucket elevator, and then uniformly sent to the grinding room of the gypsum mill for grinding by the vibrating feeder.

Stage 3: Grading

The ground materials are graded by the powder concentrator, and the unqualified powder is graded by the powder concentrator and then returned to the mill for regrinding.

Stage 4: calcination

The raw gypsum powder that has reached the required fineness of the product after grinding is sent to the fluidized bed furnace for calcination by the powder concentrator, and the qualified gypsum powder after calcination is sent to the clinker silo for storage or to the product workshop for use.