Precautions for talc mill

The main shaft is the main part of the talc high-pressure mill, and it is also one of the key components related to the smooth progress of the milling operation. However, in the production of talc grinding powder, sometimes the spindle of the talc high-pressure grinding machine may be stuck, which delays the orderly progress of the entire grinding production operation, reduces the working efficiency of the equipment. The whole milling equipment brings great harm and even shortens the service life of the talc high-pressure mill.

So, what are the reasons that cause the spindle of the talc high-pressure mill to jam?

Firstly, the main shaft is severely worn. In the production of talc grinding powder, the spindle is a moving carrier. As the grinding operation proceeds, the spindle will inevitably have friction during operation. When the main shaft is worn to a certain degree, it will cause damage to the entire part, resulting in jamming and affecting the production of grinding powder. Therefore, when we use the pulverizer, we must check and repair the main shaft regularly. Once it is found to be severely worn, it must be replaced immediately to avoid the main shaft of the talc high-pressure mill from being stuck.

Secondly, the lubricant is missing. A good lubrication mechanism is an important condition for stable production of talc high-pressure mills. At the same time, the good lubrication effect of the main shaft is also an important factor for equipment operation and long-term work. With the extension of the grinding time, if the staff cannot add and change the lubricating oil on the main shaft in time, the main shaft will be stuck due to insufficient lubricating oil. Therefore, establishing a good lubrication mechanism and regularly adding lubricating oil to the spindle is an important measure to avoid the spindle of the talc high-pressure mill.

Thirdly, lubricating oil pollution. Since a large amount of dust and other pollutants will be generated during the grinding operation, if the spindle is heavily polluted, causing too much dirt in the bearing cavity, the available lubricating oil in the spindle will occupy less space, resulting in the lubrication of the bearing part Poor, increase the difficulty of rotation of the main shaft. In this way, if the bearing clearance is too small, it will cause the main shaft of the limestone high-pressure mill to jam. In this case, we must do a good job of sealing the main shaft and pay attention to the cleanliness of the lubricant.