How to use the ore grinding machine correctly, with high output and low failure rate?

Only by understanding the problem that the ore grinding machine is prone to failure can we prescribe the right medicine

As a widely used ore grinding machine, in the mining industry, metallurgical industry, construction, and high-speed railway industry, after a long period of use, there will naturally be some failures, and the specific ones are as follows:
● Inhomogeneity of material occurs.
● When the ore grinding machine is in production, the equipment runs with a lot of noise.
● The phenomenon of blowing air from the discharge port.
● When the equipment is produced, the output is getting lower and lower.

Small knowledge of troubleshooting of ore pulverizer

① The solution to the uneven discharge of the ore mill: it is recommended to adjust the range of the discharge port before production to prevent uneven adjustment and cause different particle sizes of the material. At the same time, the air volume of the blower needs to be observed and adjusted. It should not be too large to prevent Cause the powdery material to circulate too fast, and it is easy to cause the material to be uneven.

② Ore mills are noisy during production. It is recommended to add lubricating oil after the equipment has been in operation for a period of time, or check whether there is wear between the parts and replace them in time; timely supply of lubricating oil and timely maintenance of worn parts can ensure equipment No noise will be generated.

③ In order to prevent the phenomenon of blowing at the outlet of the ore grinding machine, regularly check whether the connecting pipes and dampers of the attached machine are closed, so as to prevent the equipment from blowing out.

④ When the output of ore pulverizer is decreasing, it is necessary to check whether the model of ore pulverizer is correct. The production capacity of different types of ore pulverizers is also very different. And is the material put in during production hard enough to block the discharge port? In this case, the material will not be completely ground, so that the output of the ore mill will gradually decrease. Therefore, the selection of ore pulverizer is very important, and it is also important to choose materials with suitable properties.

How to use ore pulverizer correctly

To effectively prevent the ore grinding machine from malfunctioning, it is recommended that operators master professional equipment operation techniques. You can consult CLIRIK ore industrial milling equipment manufacturers how to use ore milling machine to achieve high-efficiency production and low equipment failure rate. CLIRIK has rich experience in manufacturing industrial mill series equipment and has introduced advanced technology from home and abroad. We can provide you with mill operation training to ensure that the high-production requirements of users can be met when the equipment is put into production. Moreover, the ore pulverizers we produce have various models, and we can guide you in selecting models according to your production requirements.