Environmentally friendly ultrafine mineral mill

In the long-term market practice, the ultra-fine non-metallic ore grinding mill has been verified by users and has also been favored and loved by a large number of ore powder markets.

CLIRIK is one of the earliest manufacturers of grinding equipment in China. The ultra-fine grinding machine for the fine powder market has high output and environmental protection, and has a good reputation and reputation, which is more ideal.

ultrafine grinding mill

How fine can the ultrafine mineral mill be ground?

Powder grinding manufacturers often ask us, how fine can the ultrafine mineral mill grind to be? Is the equipment environmentally friendly? In fact, these issues are the main issues discussed in this article today.

CLIRIK has rich experience and superb craftsmanship. The ultra-fine pulverizer equipment developed from the perspective of the market meets the development needs of the industry. It is a professional equipment for grinding heavy calcium, calcium carbonate, marble, limestone and other ore powder 325-2500 mesh powder. Its advantages can be summarized in the following points.

ultrafine grinding mill

Good grade
The patented technology forced turbine classification system can effectively improve the classification efficiency and fineness of the mill.

Low carbon and environmental protection
The patented full-pulse dust collection system can ensure that the dust collection efficiency is as high as 99%, the dust removal effect is more thorough, the dust emission is less, and the whole workshop is clean and tidy.

The mill consumes less energy
Because clirik’s ultra-fine mineral mill grinding wheels and rings are made of special wear-resistant steel, the equipment has a longer life and higher shock absorption.

What should be paid attention to in the daily maintenance of the ultrafine mineral mill?

In the process of using the mill, it is necessary to do daily maintenance. So, do you know what matters need to be paid attention to? Let’s come look.

1. Before the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to check whether the various components are normal and whether the lubricating oil is sufficient.

2. During operation, it is necessary to check whether the operation of each component is smooth and normal.

3. If the finished product is finished grinding, wait for five minutes, and then turn off the superfine grinding mill. The shutdown sequence requires attention.

4. After closing, also check whether the various parts are not damaged.

5. In addition, it is also necessary to regularly check the performance of the equipment, do a good job in post-maintenance work, and add lubricating oil in time.