Dolomite grinding production line equipment

Introduction to Dolomite

Dolomite, mostly in white, gray, green, brown, dark pink, black and other colors, has a certain metallic luster, and its hardness is maintained at about 3.5-4. After reasonable crushing and grinding, it can be used in construction, decoration, paint, It is widely used in fields such as medicine, environmental protection, agriculture, and energy conservation. It is currently widely distributed in Taiwan’s Yilan County and Hualien County in my country, with large resource reserves.

The dolomite milling production line is the necessary way to process dolomite. It is ground by a series of crushing and milling equipment to obtain dolomite powder of different fineness (40-80 mesh, 80-120 mesh, 120 mesh -200 mesh, 200-325 mesh, etc.), so as to be better applied to different fields. This article will introduce the dolomite milling production line equipment and its process flow.

Dolomite grinding production line equipment

Dolomite milling production line equipment generally includes jaw crusher, Raymond mill, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, powder separator, dust removal equipment, etc. Each equipment has a non-negligible role in the entire production line. The important values are described in detail as follows:

Dolomite milling production line

Jaw crusher: This equipment undertakes the primary crushing task of dolomite raw ore. It is a simple structure, small size, easy operation, quick installation, less failure, low energy consumption, large output, small investment and good effect. Excellent crusher, become the best choice for dolomite crushing.

Jaw crusher

Raymond mill: As the main equipment of the production line, the role of Raymond mill is to grind the crushed dolomite particles to a suitable fineness. This equipment has the advantages of reducing pollution, safer, fine output, and easy to adjust. , good quality, long life, fast maintenance, more energy saving, high output and other characteristics, it is a very ideal dolomite grinding equipment.

Raymond mill

Bucket elevator: As the name suggests, the function of this equipment is to lift the stone quantitatively and orderly from bottom to top into the silo. It generally has the advantages of high lifting height, more convenient operation, less kinetic energy consumption, large lifting capacity, energy saving and consumption reduction. Features.

Bucket elevator

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder: It is the main function of this equipment to evenly send the stones in the silo to the main machine. It is a very good feeding equipment with uniform feeding, low energy consumption, easy operation, high efficiency and low cost. choose.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Dolomite grinding production line process

The dolomite milling production line has gone through the processes of crushing, milling, and powder selection. The specific process is as follows:

Crushing: The mined dolomite raw ore is initially coarsely crushed by the jaw crusher, and evenly sent to the silo under the action of the bucket elevator.

Grinding: Next, the stone in the silo will be quantitatively fed into the Raymond mill by the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for full grinding processing and can be freely adjusted according to the fineness. Generally, the controllable range is between 40-325 mesh. between.

Powder selection: the milled dolomite fine powder will be sent to the powder classifier for sorting, and the qualified fine powder will enter the finished product silo through the pipeline device, and then it can be packed in a packing car.

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