Bentonite classification and application

CLIRIK has developed non-metallic ore milling equipment, which can ground all kinds of non-metallic ore, and the finest can be up to 3000 mesh. Our milling machines are favored by customers in many industries because of their good reputation and excellent quality. Today, for customers in the bentonite powder industry, let’s talk about the classification and application of bentonite.

Bentonite is a water-containing colay rock with hmmmillmint as the main component. Good expansion, adsorption, positive ion exchange, catalytic reactivity, adhesion, floatingness, and ductility. It is called “all-around clay”.

Bentonite is divided into three types of soda, calcium basil and lithium basis. The interlayer cation is Na + as a sodium-based bentonite; the interlayer cation is Ca2 + as the calcium bentonite; the interlayer cation is h + time is called hydrogen-based bunting soil (active white soil, naturally bleached soil-acid seabil); the inter-layer cation is an organic cation An organic bentonite is called. The first two have a good quality, and a large number of screwed drilled mud formulation and steel making casting.

The main mineral ingredients of bentonite are montmorillonite, and the content is 85-90%, and some properties of bentonite are also determined by montmorillonite. Montmorillonite can be in a variety of colors such as yellow green, yellowish, gray, white, etc. It can cause a block shape, or a loose soil, a sliding point when it is worn with a finger, and the small block is large after water. 5-15 times the calcium basilar, 20-30 times sodium soil, is suspended in water, and it is in a paste. The nature of montmorillonite is related to its chemical composition and internal structure.

The nature of sodium montmorillonite (or sodium bunting soil) is better than calcium. However, the distribution of calcium soil in the world is much wide in sodium soil, so it is necessary to modify calcium soil in addition to strengthening the sodium soil, so that it is sodium soil.

How to judge and check the quality of a bentonite product?

Generally we can see from the following aspects:

1. We can analyze the fineness of the bentonite, that is, his grinding degree is high. In general, the finer the grinding, the better in the same style, and if it is, the more crude is the poor.

2. second, can be inspected from the color of the bentonite, the general quality can be divided into white, yellow, red, white from high to low, white, and sequential.

3. another test of the quality of the bentonite is the quality of his hypermatase, the higher the hypothyroidism, the better, the more it is.

4. see if its precipitate is more, if there is no precipitate, the degree of integration into water is relatively high, and the quality is better.

Uses of bentonite:

1. drilling fluid

Bentonite has good floating and compressibility in the solution, that is, when there is additional sum, the suspension is mainly manifested as a very good colloidal solution, termination, and after being sorted by a stereo mesh. Glue does not produce ground settlement and water, especially suitable for drilling fluid. According to statistics, all values ​​are a well, and 8 tons of bentonite are probably applied.

2. metallurgical industrial ball mining adhesive

Bentonite has good moisture absorption, decentralization, grilling, thickening, etc.

3. type sand adhesive

The calcium-based beteenstone is strong, the repetitive use is good, the moisture compressive strength is high, the moldability is strong, the concave mold is high, which can avoid the mold sandwich, the crust, the block, the sand mold collapse, etc. The metal material is found to cast a wet or dummy mold, which is a preferred type sand adhesive of precision casting.

4. feed additive

There are more than 10 kinds of minerals ranging from more than 10 poultry growth, and most of them are a variable name and nutrient elements that are indispensable for poultry growth. In the fine feed, bentonite can make small animals energetic, bright hair bright, high survival rate, strong disease resistance.

5. cat sand

Cats have always been a large-scale application store in Europe, accounting for 29% of its total transactions. When touched by a cat’s excrement and urinal, the bentonite cat sand can quickly participate, as a cat-saving bentonite requires strong adsorption liquid and odor work, and the particulate matter is sized, and it is not dissolution after the return.

6. medicinal value suspension

The suspension has a good bioavailability, which is more easily administered, especially for the elderly for children and swallowing disorders. It has a convenient to take medicine. The bentonite is a hyperplasia in the suspension. Holler.

7. stopwearing

The main ingredient of bentonite has a layer of layer-shaped construction and non-uniformity charge throughout, and some viral infections in the digestive system, pathogenic bacteria and endotoxin cause greatly selective adsorption effect. Smecta, which is developed by French Yipheng Enterprise, is a digestive system that is mainly ingredient as the main component.

8. moisture-proof agent

Bentonite dryer has an adsorption viability, static data phenomenon and odor removal, etc. Dry gas storage.

9. animal and plant oil decolutants

After the active oxidizing agent is active, it is good to be active, and the adsorption and fading performance is good after active oxidant. It has the effect of fading, deodorizing, disinfection, reducing plant grease air oxidation, and is generally used for fading of animals and plant fats. Such as soy oil, edible oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, etc.

10. wine response agent

The use of calcium-based buffen soils to respond to various alcohols, and the effective effects of clarification compared to the lower colloidal method, the temperature filter method and the aluminum sulfate method, and maintained the original ingredients of all kinds of wine, and more reasonably maintained all kinds. Long-term reliability of wine, no deposition for more than 2 years, no loss, not mold.

11. drink response agent

Benton soil is used in the response to the fruit juice, which can adsorb the polyphenolic substances such as red wine tannins, but also adsorbs the biological macromolecular colloidal solution particles such as eggs, and can also be combined with metal ionic effects, and remove the fruit juice. Many diverse elements of non-bio-factor turbid, respond to the actual effect ideal.

12. soy sauce production

Add the bentonite by 1% of the net weight of raw materials to the production of soy sauce production, and the transforming ratio of the raw carbohydrate and the total nitrogen use rate can be increased, and the nutrients of the soy sauce will be improved.

13. old vinegar response agent

The chitosan and bentonite are raw materials, and the bentonous soil load chitosan response agents developed and developed can reasonably eliminate the turbid matter, precipitation of the old vinegar.

14. chicken fetch toner

After the bentonite is modified, it is generally used in chicken essence, and the bentonite is modified by modified matromethylcellulose salt, and the starch gum liquid in chicken essence is carried out, and the glucose water does not cause adsorption. Further, the arsenic composition in the glycained liquid is reduced by 87%, and the crude protein component is reduced by 27%, which is beneficial to improve the quality of chicken essence.

15. organic metal catalyst

The bentonite has a small object specification, relatively large area and molecular structure placement, and the physical properties are sanctine and alkaline, which is an ideal organic metal catalyst.

16. food wrapping paper

At this stage, a series of nanotechnology composite plastics such as acrylic resin, polyethylene, polyethylene, polyaniline, polyurethane material, and the like are produced by pure natural mineral bentonite for dispersion medium. Wherein, polyester 6 nm plastic film has stronger high barrier, structural mechanical properties and light transmittance, is idealized food packaging paper.

17. Paper Industry Helifting Filter

The bentonous soil layer has a negative charge surface layer and a positive charge edge for easy adsorption colloidal solution. When the bentonite is hydrolyzed in water, the positive ion produces a negatively charged particles in a potassium ion. Such a negatively charged particles will not be affected by the pH value, which indicate excellent properties as in acid and alkaline and alkali. Thus, such characteristics of bentonite are generally used in the processing of papermaking industrial processing techniques such as flux filter and water acquisition.

18. waste paper degeneration

In the waste plastic recovery system software, the bentonite (independent or light calcium powder composition) can be adsorbed and tapered to the chemical fiber according to the printing ink and adhesive, and the printing ink and adhesive are stacked into the paper machine. The development trend of components minimizes.

19. rheological manipulation agent for printing paper coating

When the montmorillonite dispersion strong electrolyte is in the middle, the contravement of surface hydration and solid double-absorbing layer causes expansion and volume expansion of the bentonite interval, which can make the bentonite in the aqueous phase management system Thickening actual effects, therefore, bentonite can be applied as a rheological manipulator in the printing paper coating.

20. paper industry packing

Bentonite is applied to the production of low quantitative analysis paper, which can obtain high-filling, but do not reduce paper compressive strength, especially tear. Modified material bentonite can also be filled as a low-gloss paper and a cardboard.

21. print paper chrome black T

Sulfine, hydrochloric acid or calcium hydrochloric acid or calcium hydrochloric acid has high adsorption properties and trunk activity. The transduction paper, tax invoices, and electronic computer records are chemical changes in chemical changes caused by acid-base and milky white (without color) dye touch.

22. paper paddle epoxy resin regulator

Organic chemical bentonite resolved by modified materials is also a reasonable epoxy resin modifier because there is a relatively large specific surface and organic compound infectivity. It can adsorb the hydrophobic epoxy resin in the system software, reduce the surface layer kinetic energy of the epoxy resin, and cause the epoxy resin to lose its unique viscosity, and then control the adhesion, aggregate and accumulation of epoxy resins. .

23. papermaking wastewater treatment

The use advantages of bentonite in the papermaking industry industrial sewage treatment depends on the adsorption performance and the fading capacity of the ability to reduce the COD and fading.

24. Organic tackifier for coatings

Bentonite has strong water absorbing capacity, can adsorb the quality of 5 times the quality of its own quality, the volume of adsorption is expanded, can expand a few times to more than ten times that can be expanded to the original volume, and produce suspected substances to pack the color particles in the coating. Avoid particulate foundation site descending. Bentonite is used as an organic tackifier to use a certain level of application in coating production, which is characterized by significant thickening actual effects and floatingness, which can cause compressibility to make the coating, which is conducive to storage and engineering construction.

25. Coating is used for floating floating ground

Bentonite has excellent floating and dispersibility in water materials, which can release energized particles and have a wetting agent, and improve the floating of water-soluble coating, adding an appropriate amount of bentonite in engineering building coatings to transform The coating is not easy to deposit, it is not easy to hierarily, hue is well known, and the floating reliability of the coating is improved.

26. auxiliary adhesive for paint

Because of the good bonding force and paint attachment, the introduction of the project coating can replace a portion of the raw materials and other fillers, thereby reducing production cost.

27. rheological modifier for coating

Organic chemical bentonite has a shocking adsorption of expansion in organic solvents and thixotropic utility, which is a rheological modifier for coating production, engineering construction, storage, coating film, granting paint Construction viscosity at low cut rates.

28. moisture-proof coating

Bentonite can be used as a raw material of moisture-proof coating, and the bentonite emulsified asphalt moisture-proof coating is to make moisturizing soil and asphalt mixing moisture-proof coating. It is suitable for roof waterproof. It can improve efficiency, reduce engineering budget 40%, and greatly improve employee work The standard, improved moisture-proof actual effect.

29. waterproof coating

Bentonite has the characteristics of expansion after water, and the general calcium bentonite expands, its expansion is only 3 times the volume of its own volume, and the sodium-based bentonite is 5 times the net weight of the net weight, volume expansion to the original 15 ~ More than 17 times, the characteristics of bentonite can be used to produce waterproof coatings such as bentonite waterproof blankets, waterproof layers.

30. expand the rubber stopper after the water

After the water, the expansion rubber stopper strip is made of plastic as a sheet, and the calcium-based bunting soil, high water absorbing resin, tackifier, increased adhesive epoxy resin, anti-aging agent and other fillers, compressing, and decision-making The rubber stopper baffle expansion is the calcium-based bunting soil, and the calcium bentonite has the effect of moisture absorption expansion.

31. plastic filling

The organic chemical bentonous soil is changed to nano-organic chemical bentonite after the nanotechnology modified material, which is widely used in plastic materials, which can improve the sealing property of plastic, fixed stress, tensile strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance Many properties such as torn compressive strength and their chemical resistance.

32. lubricating oil

The bentonous soil grease is a lubricating grease produced by active bentonite as a thickening agent and a thick mineral grease. It has high and low temperature test properties, organochemical stability, thermal definition, anti-shear and shear resistance, etc. Lubrity of the chassis, cross shaft, safe driver rudder, rim and centrifugal water pump rolling bearings.

33. agriculture and forestry moisturizer

After adding a bentonite in the water storage agent, the thermal stability of the absorbent suspection and the compressive strength increase of the amount of high-endonous soil, which can be applied to the oil and gas field anatomical plugging and agriculture. East and animal husbandry, forest fruit industry and other levels. Calcium-based bentry soil is better than calcium-based bentonite, and thus more suitable as a moisturizing agent raw material.

34. chemical fertilizer media

Bentonite is a medium of fertilizer, which causes fertilizer to be safe and safe, but also makes chemical residue smoothly, and thus reasonably contains water treatment process of phenolic compound fertilizers in soil layers caused by precipitation.