Application and Treatment of Mine Waste Rock

Are Mine Waste Rock Useful?

① Sand Aggregate
Sand and gravel aggregates are the most used, indispensable and irreplaceable basic materials for infrastructure projects such as buildings, roads and bridges. However, sand and gravel aggregates are non-renewable resources, and the mining for thousands of years has caused great damage to the earth’s environment. Many waste rocks from mines can be used as coarse and medium aggregates, and the physical properties and chemical composition of the rock should be considered when evaluating aggregates.

② Using waste rock as railway ballast
The requirement for railway ballast is that it is not brittle under vibration pressure. Of course, rocks with developed lamellae or bedding are not suitable for use as ballast, while limestone and basalt are more suitable for railway ballast.

③ The basic raw material of cement
The basic raw materials of cement are limestone and clay minerals. Limestone, claystone, shale, etc. are all common waste rocks in mines.

④ Used as raw material for heavy calcium carbonate
Heavy calcium carbonate is mainly used as the main raw material or filler in plastics, rubber, glass, ceramics, toothpaste and other industries. It mainly uses calcite and dolomite as the main raw materials. There are fragments of large calcite veins or dolomite veins or pure marble and dolomite in the waste rock of some deposits, which can be selected from the waste rock as this raw material.

How to deal with waste rock?

According to the nature and structure of the ore, reasonably select the production method and method, and then configure the equipment according to the specific stone processing technology. Commonly used crushing equipment are: crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, conveyor, etc. The specific equipment should be reasonably selected according to the actual production situation.

>> Jaw Crusher:

The jaw crusher is used for primary crushing, and the lining plate is made of high wear-resistant material, which can not only reduce maintenance costs, but also expand the scope of material handling, with low equipment failure rate, stable and reliable operation.

>> Impact Crusher:

As a secondary crushing equipment, the impact crusher is not only convenient for the next operation of the sand making machine, but also meets the production needs of most users for stone, with simple operation and good grain shape.

>> Sand making machine:

The sand making machine is often used after the crusher, and the product has excellent grain shape—the product is cubic, with good grain shape, reasonable gradation, and adjustable fineness modulus; it is especially suitable for artificial sand making and stone shaping, and users can choose according to their needs.